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Automatic 1-5t/H Complete EFB Pellet Plant

Automatic 1-5t/H Complete EFB Pellet Plant

Automatic 1-5t/H Complete EFB Pellet Plant
Automatic 1-5t/H Complete EFB Pellet Plant

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: FANDA
Certification: CE
Model Number: MKLH

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export packing for full container load
Delivery Time: 25-30 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 5 Units per month
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Detailed Product Description
Machine Name: Complete EFB Pellet Plant Application: Produce Biomass Pellet From EFB
Raw Material: EFB Pellet Diameter: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Pellet Bulk Density: >650Kg/m³ Pellet Moisture: 7-9%
Service: We Provide Design, Installation, Commissioning, Staff Training Service Guarantee: 1 Year
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wood pellet manufacturing plant


complete wood pellet production line

Complete EFB Pellet Plant EFB Pellet Production Line EFB Pellet Processing Line

Automatic 1-5t/H Complete EFB Pellet Plant 0EFB (Palm Empty Fruit Bunch) is a kind of waste material after harvesting palm fruit. Which have high calorific value, the traditional way to treat EFB is burn them and use the ash as fertilizer, but the burning process bring a lot pollution to environment. These years we have a lot studies on EFB, and finally we found due to the high calorific value of EFB, it can be good biomass material to make pellets. If we can turn the EFB into biomass pellets, to burn the pellets there will be higher calorific value and less pollution, since biomass pellets is a kind clean energy and widely use in developed countries as fuel for home heating, furnace, boiler and powerplant.

Based on this purpose and under our engineering team long time researching and developing, we designed EFB pellet plant to turn EFB into biomass fuel pellets.

Now we have 1.5t/h EFB pellet plant for beginner, 3t/h EFB pellet plant and 5t/h EFB pellet plant for industrial EFB pellet production purpose, 6t/h EFB pellet plant, 8t/h EFB pellet plant and 9-10t/h EFB pellet plant for commercial purpose. We also have ability to design larger EFB pellet plant according to client requirement.

Complete EFB pellet plant include: Shredding Part, Drying Part, Grinding Part, Pelletizing Part, Pellet Cooling & Sieving Part and Pellet Packaging Part.

Automatic 1-5t/H Complete EFB Pellet Plant 1* Shredding part is first step to process the size of EFB, generally a EFB size is around 200-300mm, first step we need to turn EFB into fiber. We use EFB shredder to process EFB into fiber size, the fiber is around 1-2mm diameter and length about 10-50mm length.

The EFB shredder combine inlet conveyor, shredder, out conveyor. EFB feed to the inlet conveyor, which move EFB to shredder feeding inlet, the rollers at feeding inlet will send EFB inside shredder. Inner shredder there are rotary blades and a stable blade, when the rotary blade rotating to the stable blade, the blades cut EFB into fiber and the fiber finally move away by outlet conveyor.

The feeding inlet is controlled by hydraulic system, if very big size EFB touch the rollers the hydraulic pump will rise up the upper rollers to make feeding inlet bigger thus it can go inside shredder.

The blades of shredder are made of high wearing resistance alloy steel thus to have a better shredding effect and long lifetime.

Automatic 1-5t/H Complete EFB Pellet Plant 2* Drying part is designed to reduce moisture of EFB fiber, commonly moisture content of EFB is around 50%, while the best moisture to make pellets is around 15%, so we put a rotary kiln dryer in EFB pellet plant to reduce moisture of the EFB fiber.

A rotary kiln dryer include inlet conveyor, heating oven, dryer tube, outlet conveyor, and dust collect system. EFB fiber go to dryer tube from inlet conveyor, the hot air go to dryer tube from heating oven, EFB fiber and hot air mixture inside dryer tube and the moisture got evaporated, and dried EFB fiber go to outlet conveyor from end of dryer tube, the dust go to dust collect system.

To assure the drying effect, the rotating speed of dryer tube is VFD adjustable, in case the inlet EFB fiber have big difference in moisture contain. If inlet moisture is high adjust the rotating speed slower, reverse if inlet moisture is low adjust the rotating speed faster, thus to make sure the final dried EFB fiber moisture contain is uniform.

Due to EFB fiber is long and soft, we use single pass dryer tube in EFB pellet plant. The inner space of single pass rotary kiln dryer is bigger compared with three pass rotary dryer. So the EFB fiber can not block inside the dryer tube.

The dust collect system at end of dryer is made up of blower, cyclone, airlock and chimney, this system can collect the dust during drying process thus to make reduce dust at working place.

* Grinding part is designed to reduce size of EFB fiber. Generally the pellets produced with 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm diameter, among them 6mm and 8mm diameter is most popular. So before feed the dried EFB fiber to pellet mill, we need to process the length of EFB fiber smaller than the diameter of pellets want to produced. Because if the EFB length is too much bigger than the pellet diameter it is not easy to press them into hole of ring die, thus influence pelletizing efficiency.

The grinding device we designed in a EFB pellet plant is hammer mill. A unit hammer mill consist of inlet conveyor, hammer mill, discharge auger, dust collect system and outlet conveyor.

Dried EFB fiber go to hammer mill from inlet conveyor, inside hammer mill the hammers bite EFB fiber to crush them, until the size got smaller than the holes on screen it can be discharged from discharge auger. The dust collect system include blower, cyclone, air lock and dust bags. Crushed EFB and dust will go to outlet conveyor and moved to next step.

The hammer mill we applied is water drop type hammer mill, which can be opened from two sides, thus make it easier to change hammers, screen and maintenance.

Automatic 1-5t/H Complete EFB Pellet Plant 3 Automatic 1-5t/H Complete EFB Pellet Plant 4 Automatic 1-5t/H Complete EFB Pellet Plant 5

* With the above prepare of moisture and size of EFB, next step will be pelletizing. We use vertical type ring die pellet mill to pres EFB fiber into biomass fuel pellets.

Our vertical type ring die pellet mill MKLH600 model are designed to produce EFB pellets with a lot advantages, the capacity of one set is 1.5t/h for output pellets. If want higher capacity can put more pellet mills in one EFB pellet plant.

Our vertical type pellet mill have advantages on feeding EFB fiber, because the fiber is soft if feeding vertically by gravity the EFB fiber can fall into pelletizing chamber,

For vertical type ring die pellet mill when machine running, the rollers rotating in middle of ring die while ring die stable, the rotating rollers can bring centrifugal force, which will help rollers to press EFB fiber inside hole of ring die, thus to improve pelletizing efficiency.

Our vertical type ring die pellet mill equipped automatic grease pump which can inject grease to bearings for rollers and main shaft.

Gearbox of our vertical ring die pellet mill is special designed, the gears are more heavy and strong to meet the strength needed for pelletizing.

Data for vertical type ring die pellet mill

Automatic 1-5t/H Complete EFB Pellet Plant 6

Model MKL600
Capacity 1500Kg/h
Main motor power 132Kw
Ring die inner diameter 560mm
Oil pump power 0.75Kw
Roller greasing device 0.37Kw
Pellet cutter power 1.5Kw
Feeding material moisture Around 15%
Feeding material size Around 5 mm
Pellet diameter 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Pellet moisture 7-9%
Gross weight 5500Kg

Automatic 1-5t/H Complete EFB Pellet Plant 7* Pellet Cooling & Sieving Part is designed to cooling down the pellets and move the dust, powder and small granular from pellets, thus to make sure the pellets go to packaging machine or storage tank is high quality.

Thus unit include counter flow pellet cooler, dust collect system and pellet sieving machine.

The counter flow pellet cooler is controlled by electric panel with sensor and time relay, cool air go to cooling tank to mixture with hot pellets thus to reduce temperature of pellets. And the automatic system control discharge of pellets from pellet cooler to pellet sieving machine.

The whole system is closed structure, on top of pellet cooler is a air lock, only pellets can come inside cooling tank while air can not emission from top. With suction of blower, cool air come inside cooling tank from bottom of cooler and hot air emission from blower. Some dust will go to cyclone together with hot air under suction of blower.

With a pellet cooler can reduce the temperature of pellets at same time it can increase hardness of pellets and decrease moisture of pellets. After reduce temperature and moisture when storage the pellets, there will be no crack on surface of pellets.

When pellets come through pellet sieving machine, the screen will move out the dust, powders and small size pellets, so that all of pellets go to next step is very good quality.

* The last stage is storage pellets, here have different solution.

Some client storage the pellets directly on ground after pellet sieving machine, a conveyor can do the work to send pellets from sieving machine to storage place.

Some client storage pellets in a big tank, we can provide conveyor to transfer pellets, design and manufacture storage tank according to client building size.

Some client package pellets into small bags like 10kg/bag, 15kg/bag, 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag and 100kg/bag. We have packaging machine to weighing pellets, fill pellets into bags and seal the bags. We have heat sealer to sealing plastic bags and sewing machine to seal woven bags.

Some client pack pellets into 500kg/bag or 1000kg/bag jumbo bags, we have jumbo bag packaging machine to weighing pellets fill pellets into bags.

So, we can provide different storage or packaging solution according to client requirement.

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